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Rally Diorama 1/43 scale Burns Rally Argentina Subaru Impreza Art Piece WRC



Richard Burns - Subaru Impreza - Rally Argentina 2000 WRC - miniature diorama - a time capsule art piece

This piece in particular represents Richard Burns and Robert Reid during the Rally of Argentina 2000 in 1/43 scale... I created this piece replicating a reference image of Richard and Robert leaping side ways over a crest...

Growing up I had always been a big fan of Richard Burns, his approach to Rallying was so calculated and patient that I hoped to replicate this pin point style he took to the sport through this piece, powerful, on the limit yet elegant...
This piece was inspired by a photo I had seen that

The scene is handmade using recycled materials. The Subaru Impreza is a reconditioned model bought back to life in this diorama, frozen in time.

The piece comes complete with its removable acrylic cover.

(No lighting included in this piece)

Length: 17cm
Width: 17cm
Height: 8cm

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