Time Capsule Scratch Builder

The story behind it all...

Why I'm making your memories in miniature....

Welcome to Time Capsule Scratch Builder. My journey began in 2014 with a story that changed model making for me entirely....

My Nan was moving house and leaving behind the home she had so many memories attached to. I wanted find away to keep hold of those memories in something more than a painting or photograph. I had a thought - why don't I build a 3D diorama encapsulating her family home.

I set to work on the project drawing out the plans using pictures I had taken at the time for reference.

I finished the build in 2016.

By this time my Nan had moved out of her house and into a brand new modern home. On her first Christmas in the new house I gave her the model of her old house as a surprise gift.

She was so amazed by the model that she immediately started using it to tell stories of memories that were now resurfacing due to the model.

This was such an amazing moment for me that I created an Instagram page dedicated to the building processes of all my projects and I titled it 'Time Capsule Scratch Builder' because each piece captures a moment in time, preserving memories for people in miniature.

I have since built many dioramas from small post boxes to the Flying Scotsman footplate and I regularly recreate Motorsport dioramas too capturing epic moments in history!

I genuinely take commissions for my work where in you can specifically order a Time Capsule of something that is personal to you or it could be a place that you particularly love!

I really appreciate your investment of time in reading my story and so please feel free to browse my shop. Your support on my journey will always be appreciated and fules my enthusiasm for my art work.

Thank you for visiting.


Time Capsule Scratch Builder