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Rally 2 Toyota GR Yaris internal mould 1/43 scale
Rally 2 Toyota GR Yaris internal mould 1/43 scale
Don't tell Chris Ingram! I've started working secretly on a Toyota GR Yaris Rally 2 spec... I'm obviously going to adorn it in that beautiful Castrol livery, all in 1/43 scale!

Below is the eventual look in going for! Those castrol colours are just so iconic and also so very eye catching!

For the process so far I have used a Toyota GR Yaris standard body shell which I've taken apart inorder to fill the interior with silicon. I then screwed in a bar of foamex across the base of the set silicon.

Next I then built a box from foamex that I could fit the car body upside down in suspended by the foamex screwed into the silicon. This allowed me to pour more silicon around the upsidedown body and once set cast the body shell for me.

The next step was to fill the mould with resin, a two part A and B mix and then position the interior cast inside which would then cast the body shell only in resin. 

It's a bit of process but this now means I can build out the wings correctly onto this body shell to replicate the look of the GR Yaris Rally 2.

Rally 2 Toyota GR Yaris resin cast 1/43 scaleRally 2 Toyota GR Yaris resin cast 1/43 scaleRally 2 Toyota GR Yaris resin cast 1/43 scaleRally 2 Toyota GR Yaris resin cast 1/43 scale
I've now been working on cutting apart the Yaris bodyshell... The shape of the wheel arches are quite intricate and especially as I wish to mould this again I need to make sure they are strong...

You can see I've used copper sheet to help shape the back wheel arches as they are very unique but I'm sceptical as to whether the resin will find it's way into those parts of the mould as such a thing layer, therefore I'm contemplating adding some thickness but only so the resin will fill them properly and then i can sgape them back with the dremel... Sometimes you have to add extra to aim for less... It's a trick I've learnt....

Overall though for today's work it's looking like a Rally 2 Yaris!
Rally 2 Toyota GR Yaris primered resin cast 1/43 scale
Primered only so I can see where I need to smooth things out!
Commission - 1/18 scale - Austin Metro 6R4 Prototype
The doors have been something that I've been building up to, and I must say I'm quite content with how they are turning out...

They are made from a mixture of plasticard and foamex and have been sanded into shape to create the curved nature of the door panels...

Might be nearly time to throw some paint on some of the panels.... Watch.... This.... Space....

Subaru Impreza 1/43 diorama Kenya Safari 1997

Original artwork - 1/43 scale - Colin McRae and Nicky Grist - Rally Kenya 1997

I'll just leave this here...
I'm currently making a few Rally Times Capsules in 1/43 scale which will be available to buy and with Rally Kenya just on the horizon next week I thought I'd give you a sneak peak at this piece I'm creating of Rally Kenya 1997 depicting non other than Colin McRae and Nicky Grist...


Edinburgh cottage 1/76 scale miniature time capsule diorama

Original artwork - 1/76 scale - Edinburgh cottage

Alongside commissions I'm making space and time to work gradually on original pieces that will be for sale of course... Things that catch my eye and align with my identity in one form or another...
Now in this case although I'm not Scottish, I did feel that this little cottage I believe is up in Edinburgh somewhere was the sort of place that I'm very used to seeing having grown up, unique but very intriguing buildings and this certainly captured my attention...
The side by side photo shows the real building which is adorable and then I've included some photos of the way that the inner electrics can be accessed... Its quite pleasant to see how I've managed to create one big access panel...


Commission - 1/43 scale Colin McRae and Derek Ringer - Lombard RAC 1990

A little dive back into this Sierra Sapphire commission piece and you can see the development of things in the first picture... If you swipe you'll see how I've built up the chassis for the Sierra Sapphire and made sure it's removable too, secured by two nylon screws.... I find this mechanical fixing very satisfying to make especially when trying to make sure the chassis fits snuggly into the body...
This will be posed in a Time Capsule which I've already sculpted, it needs to be detailed still but I'll be sharing that soon I'm sure!



I've decided to add some action into this piece as instead of replicating the accident having happened I'm actually going to depict the immediate collision... 
What I've done is place falling derby where the Octavia has hit the wall... I just love finding this movement in my pieces and this seemed like a perfect way to tell this story...

I used foam cut into appropriate blocks and then suspended by pins to create the illusion of the wall falling away, some slight dust will help to propel the image forward and depict the motion I'm after!

I'll be making both Driver and Co driver to be seated inside for accuracy!
I'm really looking forward to selling this piece once completed as I know any Rally fans will recall this moment! It was crazy!