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Rally Diorama 1/43 scale Loeb Cyprus Citroen Xsara Art Piece WRC



This is one of many of my 'Motorsport Time Capsules' This piece is capturing who I may deam as the greatest rally driver of all time, 9 times World Champion Sebastian Loeb and Daniel Elena in their Citroen Xsara WRC navigating a rough corner during the 2005 Rally of Cyprus.

This piece was inspired by a photo I had seen that I found really captured the momentum Loeb and Elena were building during this early stage of their reign.

The scene is completely handmade using recycled materials. The Citroen Xsara model is reconditioned and bought back to life in this diorama, frozen in time.

The piece comes complete with its removable acrylic cover.

(No lighting included in this piece)

Length: 17cm
Width: 17cm
Height: 8cm

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